Tuesday, December 9, 2014

altered photo collage, sold

a one person show of your art is a viable 
alternative to gallery showings.  it is personal,
intimate and a lot of fun.  and you can create it to suit yourself.

evie, the birthday girl and curator with friends, jerry and nancy

i have been asked what it takes to have a one person show.
although having three shows does not make me an expert,
i can tell you some of the ingredients from my experience.
i have broken up the content  and will be posting on this topic
over the next few days.

cynthia, which deciding, finally buying five paintings

the first is to have a person who supports your art and is 
willing to hold the event in their home or place of business.
i have been fortunate and the people hosting the shows 
have approached me but since this is a relatively new concept
of showing art, you might think of people or businesses
who you can  approach with this concept.

some of the things you will need to start thinking about...
a mailing list of people to invite, both your list of friends
and the host's

a body of work.  look over your work.  are there any gaps
in the content?  can you see a theme?    how would they look
hung together?

tomorrow i will include other decisions you will need to consider.

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