Monday, December 23, 2013

dear blog followers and first time visitors,

it warms my heart to read your comments

knowing that you took the time

to write your thoughts.  

i wish you a time of meaningful and fun connections

with family and friends

to remember the essence of this time of year.

i was given this book from my dear friend and 

innovative artist lorraine.

seven artists from studio 1482 started a blogwith the same title

to encourage folks to get their art on, one drawing at a time.

seems like a good idea.

day one 

while waiting at the lab to get some testing 

and lastly,

i have been experimenting with acrylic inks and 

making gift tags.   i made a few tags and left them to dry.  

later in  the day after we finished decorating our tree my son brought 

gifts to put under the tree.  guess what he used for tags?....

so i can't show you how they turned out.

i hope to see you in the new year.



  1. Hi Irene. Hope your had an enjoyable Christmas and now I wish you a very Happy New Year. Enjoy and take care. Love your pages and I use those inks too-once in a while. Take care.

  2. Love the two faces in your artwork. That looks like a very interesting book.... Wishing the year ahead will be filled with drawings and paintings and lots of creative fun! ♥

  3. I love the two portrait angles in one.