Sunday, December 15, 2013

a collaboration of sorts...

i asked Lori Seavey-Christian to chose a color, any color and 

put it on my blank pages. I moved paint around 

then asked her to add another color. 

It was so much fun and very freeing.

if you have the opportunity to create with a friend, in a group, in a workshop,

i would recommend it.   while i love to create alone as well,  i find that

there is a synergistic energy that is created when more than two are gathered.

i have been a part of a weekly workshop for several years as well as a

new weekly printing workshop and an open studio.  each group has

its own personality and texture.  some artists like to create in solitude

others, like moi, enjoy community.


  1. I love the movement and energy of this piece, I do so envy you being part of a weekly workshop, it sounds such fun!

  2. Hello Irene..beautiful and outstanding...this is so visually magical..and very dramatic in colors and contrasting details..stunning and full of such life and energy! I love those dusky purple colors and deep rich tones too..and the beautiful white linework..awesome!
    Yes group work chemistry is such fun isn't it..and I am usually solitary but in times have created with others and it is a different kind of magic that is most wonderful too! Thanks for sharing your experiences and your fantastical art !! inspiring!

  3. Your collaboration has produced a very lively double page spread, full of movement and texture, and you have used the spaces creatively to add interesting images. I love the flower at the top right and the red butterfly. As you indicate, collaboration results in something that working solo would never produce.

  4. Oh yes! I love collaborations! We have been doing it in teams after the 29 faces and it is awesome.
    I love your pages here, great colors and form! Thanks for sharing ♥

  5. Oh, love all the movement in this! the colours look great together and I like all the white outlines. Great idea!

  6. there is so much freedom in this painting. Beautiful and very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Collaborations are so much fun! This one is very dynamic and flowing. Lots of great energy :)

  8. Oh, you busy woman! I can tell you had a blast on Saturday.

  9. brilliant colors! in this project, 'two heads were better than one'!