Friday, January 25, 2013

Taking Stock

we are twenty five days into a new year.  three weeks 

ago, i considered making a new years resolutions

or choosing a word to describe what i would like to 

accomplish or manifest this year. my decision was to 

spend as much time as i could with friends, family, 

paints and create and learn what pulls at my heart.

this makes me happy :)

look backward, forward

take stock, be in the present

the only haven

as i frequently do on fridays i join rebecca brooks at  haiku my heart 
won't you join us?


  1. How did we get to day 25? Where have I been? Your haiku and musings bring me to this very moment... lovely Irene!

  2. 'the only haven' ~ so true ~ Lovely haiku ~ Carol of:
    (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  3. Yes, the now is so important. Nice one.

  4. The only haven.... indeed!! Love this poem! (What is your word for the year?) Did you choose one yet?

  5. Reflection is a good thing and you have so much to cherish.

  6. Haven and Heaven are a letter away...I like that you chose haven, great haiku ♥ and a pretty art journal too.

  7. Yes I did. Mine is 'companion' both noun and verb. If you are spiritually inclined check out Abbey of the Arts website and look for articles on choosing a word. Thanks for your visit!