Wednesday, January 16, 2013

During the Fleeting Span We Are Given

lean into this life

meander, wander, dwell in


i have written before that 
i am fascinated with faces.  included in my journal 
pages are images of faces, i draw them, i am drawn to them.
i paint funny faces, i doodle faces.

 so when i saw that misty mawn is offering face to face
an online workshop in painting, drawing, 
delving into faces.  i jumped right in.  

i can't recommend misty enough


  1. I'm tempted but also scared to take that course. But I too love Misty and her art. I was fortunate to take a class with her at Art & Soul a couple of years ago.

  2. I am so glad you are inspired and that your outcomes are so filled with your inspiration. Your happiness with portraits shines through your work. Well done!

  3. Yep, me too, Irene!!! Misty is probably the most inspirational art teacher I have had in my lifetime...And I am so happy I am on this art journey along with you :-)

    Roberta (aka Lucy :-)