Friday, March 9, 2018

welcome to a peek into my creative week.

southern california continues to be in a drought 

situation.  mother nature promises rain and we do

get trickles but we can use much much more.   with 

daylight saving time this weekend and the first day of

spring on march 20, i believe the rain won't be in our picture.

what is in my picture, so to speak, follows in the photos below. 

i have been working on her for a long time.  i couldn't find 

an early photo.  there was something that continued to niggle at me.

i'm liking her more with contrasts and detailed flowers.

when to stop??? that is sometimes the question

a little spring drawing

and sample from my figurative drawing class.  i asked the instructor

to show me how to use inks.  i brought sum ink, bamboo

pens and natural brushes to do this. 

i visited the jasper johns exhibit at the broad

museum, downtown los angeles.  the exhibit was 

huge with over 100 pieces.  i took lots of photos

at the exhibit but they disappeared!  i was not familiar

with this icon and knew very little about him but for an 

article sent to me by my friend john arbuckle.  after seeing

his work, i can say that i appreciate that he was so prolific 

in his point of view.  he selected common symbols, the most

well know is that of the american flag. if i understand it correctly,

he used the symbols as a familiar base to create from, allowing the 

paints and materials he used to stand out.  johns did not give interviews

or discuss his work so interpretation is left to speculation.

i love this dramatic entrance into the museum.

a life sized bronze sculpture by johns.

i thought it was his paint brushes until i

read the sign.

two favorite pieces by the late outsider artist, basquiat. 

and here are welcome signs of spring from trader joes!

so, that was my week.  i'd love to hear about yours!
thank you so much for visiting today!

i am linking to paint party friday, hosted weekly 
by eva and kristen.  visiting the link is definitely a 


  1. Your nice rich contrast has brought her to life. Nice! I also like the figurative sample. That looks very interesting. Happy PPF

  2. like the figurative drawing and daffodils are so nice

  3. your portrait is just fab with the added details and colors Irene! Great ink drawings too. Always a pleasure to see an art exhibit, and that is one interesting entryway for sure. And thanks for sharing the pretty daffodils. We could use a bit of color here in PA. happy PPF!

  4. Your portrait is much expression in her face. It draws you, wishing to know her story. Well done!

  5. Love both of you ladies, the dreamy and the strong! ♥
    I especially love your very free spring drawing.
    You are so talented, thank you for sharing and inspiring!

  6. lovely work, thanks for sharing your visit to the exhibit.

  7. yes, definitely better with more contrast! I'd consider her done. Love that one line spring drawing. Happy PPF!

  8. I love the vibrance of color in your work. It just makes me happy to look at it. I know exactly what you mean about not knowing when to stop.

  9. I agree with most people here, the second one is better. It's always hard to know when a piece is finished, but for me it helps to sit down and consider whether it needs more, and in case what.

  10. How wonderful of you to share your visit to the exhibition. Luv the first version of your art . Have a good weekend


  11. Your painting is so so beautiful. Full of mystery. The museum entrance is amazing! I was in a class that wanted us to do a painting to replicate Basquiat's style. At first I was horrified, but I did it and it is now one of my favorite pieces.

  12. Irene I love this flower girl. Both of the paintings look good to me but I do see how the second one "pops" I wish I could send you some of our rain. That is a very dramatic photo of the entrance to the museum.

  13. I always love your interesting posts. Love each stage of that painting! Glad you kept photos! Looked up Jasper..interesting colourful works! Thanks for sharing! Love Basquiat art style too!w
    We always have enough rain here in rain city! Wishing you some of the same!

    Peace Giggles