Friday, March 16, 2018

hello!  this week i attended a two day portrait charcoal 

this was the second time i used charcoal.  both times 

i really loved the medium but tried to talk myself out of it.

why?  because it is not the free, spontaneous type of 

creating i often do.  still, what i loved won out and   

i plan to explore a lot more with charcoal!  once again,

i realize that the heart and mind often conflict.  i am 

trying to go with my heart.

this is the final drawing and the following 

are the steps she went through.  

all participants were asked to bring their own 

reference image.  i used the same image for two  

drawings, one on 18 x 24 newsprint, one on 

the same size drawing paper.

 some people chose to try another image. 

there is a lot of push and pull with charcoal.  

charcoal drawing was definitely my creative 

highlight of this week!   what was yours?

posting with eva and kristen's who have been hosting 
paint party friday for seven years.


  1. You've got very impressive expression in your woman drawing. Love it.
    Happy PPF and week ahead xx

  2. This portrait really came out so amazing.
    Happy PPF xx

  3. She's really beautiful! I love the soft look of the charcoal. It's gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful work in charcoal. No highlights here I'm afraid! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. your charcoal portrait is stunning Irene! Thanks for sharing the steps. I don't think there's anything you can't do well:) Happy PPF!

  6. Beautiful, no...stunning! Love what you created!

  7. It's a very good portrait, and I love how playful the process seems to be.

  8. Just wonderful! Yes, work more with charcoal!

  9. Wonderful Irene! A great step by step! ♥

  10. Wow, what a transformation! Love it! I have tried charcoal a few times and really don't like it. But maybe I should do a class in it, because I really don't know how to use it. Looks like you mastered it!

  11. Once again you amaze me. I also went to Instagram today and loved the male image that you did. WOW!

  12. Wow Irene you are just amazing with your art. Truly beautiful.

  13. Stunning...and inspiring! Love it! I agree about the inner conflict!

    Peace Giggles

  14. Wow, Irene! To say this is gorgeous is certainly an understatement. I can't believe you haven't been secretly doing charcoal portraits for decades!

  15. Wow, you have such a delicate hand for features, the portrait looks terrific! Love the progress photos too! I find charcoal so messy! Or maybe it's me that is messy. :D

  16. I loved seeing the progression of this portrait. Thank you for sharing your stunning work.