Friday, February 9, 2018

hello!  this is a short post, as i have been

playing hookey this week.  actually, i worked

hard at a three day workshop hosted by lisa heaney,

with john arbuckle teaching a million and one  techniques!

i will show results on the next post.  doing all of that 

work requires lots of rest!  

a previous mixed media journal page

me and picasso

daily redondo walk view of which i never tire!

i hope you have fun plans for the weekend.   i wish i could

say i am going to rest up but,  no such luck this week!

posting with paint party friday


  1. Beautiful page! I love the pic of you with the busts, too perfect! And what a wonderful daily view. I would never tire of that either. Hope you get some rest this week! Happy PPPF

  2. beautiful art, I LOVE you and Picasso, and oh what a stunning view!!! Happy PPF!

  3. I just loved your mixed media journal page! And you with Picasso busts, very cool! I have many seaside photos I think about painting...I will get to them eventually!

  4. Simply a beautiful post. Love your photo the best. You are so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Beautiful art and I just love that photo of you with Picasso! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  6. Your mixed media journal page is gorgeous!
    Happy PPF!

  7. Your journal page is gorgeous. Is there a bit of collage or stamping? The background is beautiful! Happy PPF

  8. A beautiful journal page and a wonderful photo with Picasso!
    Happy PPF!!!

  9. I love this drawing and all of your drawings Irene :)

  10. I love the photo of you with the Picasso busts. Very fun! Fun time with you at the museum. :-)

  11. What a lovely post! Your artwork is incredibly charming. <3