Sunday, February 25, 2018

february is the month of valentine day, right?

well, yes!  and it is also the month to celebrate

marie antoinette.  i am a part of three women team who

creates wonderful and unexpected treats for the paletteers

 a palos verdes art center art group.  we have taken it upon

ourselves to take this job to a whole new level!  this is our

last hurrah after participating for a year.  i thought i'd show you

a few pictures of our marie antoinette tea party.  of course, my

painted tea bags needed to be on display!

and a few other creations this week.

my first paper clay sculpture.  i think she's scary.

a collaged repurposed tea box to hold notes of happy moments during a day

portrait, watercolor, acrylic, collage

have a wonderful and creative week!  thanks so much for visiting today.
i try to post once a week on friday.  as you can see, today i made it on sunday.
i love your comments and sharing.

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  1. Lovely portrait and clay work Irene

  2. Ohhh wish I was there. The table setting looks so inviting and pretty. I like the clay work too. Come to my blog to read my good news. Happy days to you.

  3. Beautiful portrait! Also, the sculpture isn't scary but she does look wary. Love the Marie exhibit. I'm sure there was enough cake for everyone.

  4. I really love your beautiful party table and the box and acrylic portrait.

  5. What a creative party you had!