Friday, November 10, 2017

welcome to my weekly blog post.  i am continuing

with the daily collage that i described last week.

i begin when it is still dark. i have been lucky, a fragment of 

a thought, an idea, an internal image comes along with the selected images.

this develops as the images are glued onto the surface.  

i never know what to expect so it is always a surprise.

illusion, mixed media in an altered book

the control you think you have 

is an illustion.

this moment is all there is.

when you meet a kindred spirit,

recognize the connection and 


i post my art daily on instagram under 
irenerafael and weekly here on friday when i link
with art pals at paint party friday, hosted weekly by
kristen and eva

thank you for visiting and your comments. 

both are much appreciated. 


  1. Wonderful collage. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. a lovely and ethereal looking portrait. Happy PPF!

  3. It has a beautiful and otherworldly feel...

  4. I love how soft her face is. Her eyes grab me and hold me in place. Lovely!

  5. Really lovely portrait Irene! Alluring.
    So good being with you today, always a treat!

  6. Irene, as I scrolled down to see your art and it appeared on my screen I took a breath and the word,"WOOOW" came out. She is stunning. There is something very magical about her.

  7. Irene for some reason I no longer have your email address. Can you please email me beadwright AT g mail dot com. I have a question about Japanese writing. Thanks N

  8. She feels so spiritual and mystical..a deeply beautiful essence! Stunning colors and energy..very serene and powerful at the same time!
    happy PPf
    Victoria #23

  9. I see the most incredible girl from the the past. . .I see a fascinating story here. Blessings, Janet