Friday, November 17, 2017

we are inching into the holidays and for those who celebrate,

i wish you a happy thanksgiving! 

fruit skewers 

isn't this the most adorable turkey?  i made it for 

my art group meeting.   labor intensive but well worth it!

this week i am sharing some of my daily

coffee shop sketches.  in the future i may use them as a 

coloring book and add some watercolors or collage. my friend 

jacki long says  collage always make thing better. 

but for now, here they are, warts and all!

thanks so much for visiting.  i love to read your comments

and suggestions.  see you next friday!

as i do every week, this post is 
linked with paint party friday


  1. great art, and great fruit looks to good to eat

  2. Nice sketching! I like your loose approach and sketching in coffee shops is such good practice. Happy PPF Question for you...was the nude in a coffee shop? (:

  3. I do like your sketches and their loose style. And your fruit turkey-that is a work of art-so pretty! Happy PPF!

  4. Beautiful art and a wonderful turkey! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  5. So many talents Irene and no warts in sight!
    I am always amazed, but never really surprised
    as you are so consistently special!
    ps: love the unexpected green behind the lady.

  6. Beautiful!! your sketches are the wonderful linework and expressiveness! I am especially drawn to the red haired woman..her eyes are deep and soulful..intensely wonderful and powerful!!
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #30

  7. Ohh that is a wonderful turkey plate. Love your sketches. All of them have such character.

  8. I love that you shared your coffeehouse sketching. It is such a fun idea and you are so consistent doing them....I know you sketch in one several times each week. I also love that they may appear in something else later on. :-)

  9. Love your turkey awesome. Funny how our creative self just overflows into daily lives in many aspects!! All my friends are the same. They never pass up the chance to make something look fun or pretty!!

    Peace Giggles

  10. Your art class is blessed! Made my mouth water. And I adore your drawings. Your style is quite unique.