Sunday, October 22, 2017

this week i did a number of collages.  first, i will start

by saying i love college.  i have been asking other artists 

to teach teach me.  i have a couple of future dates where

i will lean from them but while i am waiting for 'lessons'

i decided to try again on my own.  here is what i have done 

so far.  i am loving the process. 

i start out before the crack of dawn with a cup of tea

in my studio.  i start by selecting images from my large

collection that jump out at me.  

i follow a loose story that begins to develop

through the images.

i cut and glue pieces to the background

some acrylic is added

and the story develops

and deepens.   i have found the process

deeply satisfying.

this week i went to the printers fair at the international

print museum in carson, ca.  here are a few images i took there. 

i hope it's been a lovely weekend.

posting late with friends at paint party friday.


  1. So wonderful to see your collages. It is obviously by the results that you had a terrific time creating. I love your talent. :-)

  2. Irene, your collages are beautiful. I love looking for the story in them. And the printers' fair sounds like such fun.

  3. Your collages are wonderful and inspiring. I am also teaching my self (my art teacher stated that "collage is not art") and having some success. Thanks for sharing and Happy PPF (late)

  4. Yout collages are very cool. I use to play around with collages long ago you inspire me to do it again.

  5. Oh Irene love your collages and they keep to your individual style too! Beautiful!

    Peace Giggles

  6. Hi Irene. You certainly have a system for your beautiful collages. Also what a great show. I was thinking the other day I wish I had my old typewriter. Thank you for sharing those photos.