Friday, June 23, 2017

finding my mojo

what to do when my creative spirit wanders 

and i cannot think of what to do?  my husband 

reminded me that i always love taking a workshop.

great idea!  this week i joined the ever creative well of 

inspiration, jacki long's art gang at the art supply warehouse in a 

mixdd media marathon.  jacki is amazing!  she demonstrated a 

list of projects for us to jump in.  all supplies are supplied.   that did the trick!

between being in a group of creative folks, jacki's encouragement

and  enthusiasm, i was off to collaging faces and thinking of other possibilities.

by the way, jacki has done a daily blog, for years.  her current total is 1793!

i think she's going for a record.  

i also decided that i love creating  faces.  sometimes we are the last 

to be able to identify where our passion leads us when everyone else 

can pinpoint it.   sp, in in an effort to embrace this new information,

and to support myself, 

i took my faces out of the box and put them on 

my studio wall.  i have many more and plan to fill the wall.

my vegetable garden also offered hours of 

reflective  time as my hands cared and tended 

tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini, beans and other wonderful greens. 

all in all, my attempts were successful at getting

me back on track.  i also realize the we cannot have

a consistent stream of creative energy but it is snot often

where i get thrown off my center.   like a garden, the soil is

fertile but needs to lay fallow to replenish its rich nutrients.

i would love to hear about  how you handle fallow art periods.

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  1. So glad you found you mojo. Not that it was ever lost. You inspire me with your faces. I don't have the opportunity to go to classes here. Your garden is amazing too.

  2. I agree that faces is your thing! Your wall of portraits is wonderful. Such talent. And I think being with other artists does stir up that mojo quite a bit.

  3. Love your collage piece and your faces ~ always a great idea to hang our work and what an amazing result ~ love the faces ~ ^_^

    Thanks, for visiting my blog and commenting ~ ^_^

  4. I love the emotion in this piece, Irene. The eyes and the mouth tell it all. Great one!

  5. I'm glad your mojo is returning. There's nothing like being with like minded people to inspire you.

  6. great collage face Irene. I love that you have your face art hanging on the wall. They look wonderful together. If I have a lull in my creativity- I either take an online class or just let it be and read more. And if I pull out one of my art books usually that's all it takes. Of course visiting so many talented people in blogland provides lots of inspiration too:) Happy PPF!

  7. Wonderful collage face! Keep going, these are great and if you enjoy it, your mojo will take over for you. I also enjoy you tube art classes with Gerda Lipski. She has a wide assortment of ideas to play with. Happy PPF

  8. Beautiful collage - the flowers in the hair is brilliant! Also wonderful to see your collected works on display - keep going because your work is gorgeous!

  9. I love your wall of faces. Great way to inspire yourself! And doing a workshop or spending time creating with like-minded people always helps me to get out of a rut. I also started a map on my computer where I save pictures of things I want to try out when I'm in a "dead period" :-) I like your collaged face, the hair is wonderful!

  10. I think your "mojo" is always in great shape & ready to go! I love that you are putting your faces on the wall, I bet they will surprise you. Your talent is limitless, in art, gardening, whatever you focus on. So glad you're in my life, so I get to watch! ♥

  11. Its good to find a subject that excites you and makes you want to explore you've done with faces. A workshop is a great idea to refuel your enthusiasm. I find browsing thru youtube art videos can re-ignite excitement to do art when in a bit of a dry period.

  12. It's always good to see our works on surely helps, in more ways than we can think of! Glad that you found your mojo back!

  13. Fabulous take on the geisha. :) Love it!

  14. Hello Irene, your collage is beautiful. I also love how you have all your faces up on the wall - there are so many expressions and moods from them, very inspiring.
    It's always lovely to do a little gardening - that lifts the spirit in many ways too.
    Cheers and thank you for sharing your beautiful works :D)

  15. Great collage face. Love your wall of faces...hope to see it when they're all up!! I read and write and look for new inspiration during the fallow periods. Funny how nature is the best metaphor for creativity and how it works.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  16. wow, I love your wall of gorgeous and uplifting..beautiful works!!
    Lovely garden too!
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #38

  17. Both garden and artwork are full of color and beauty!