Saturday, June 17, 2017

faces and other summer ramblings

i cut up some of those funny faces from last week 

and put them together in different combinations

to create intriguing faces that you'd never want to encounter

on a dark street when you are alone.  but they were fun to do here 

in rafael studio!

i don't know about you, but, 

sometimes i hear a critical inner voice.  well, if i were

totally honest, i would admit that i hear it more than i like.

one of the things i heard this week is  'you are so narrow

minded.  can't you paint anything other than faces?  you should

be more versatile.'  hmm, that gave me pause.  i began to think

that i should give up creating.  that i've worn out my subject, 

that no one wants to see another face.  you get the picture.

i talked to my friend, evie about this.  she and i met when we

both trained to be therapists decades ago.  she is my pal that i talk to 

daily.  we share everything and anything.  during our conversation,

i  realized that i love creating  faces, love learning and using 

different techniques for the process. the the human face is one of the most 

intricate and fascinating subjects  there is, that there are countless 

emotions and subtitles in a face.   whew!  i can proceed.

elsewhere in my world,  i have returned to gardening.  one

grandfather was a gardener, the other grew his own vegetables

and made green juice ever day before it was a fad.  

i started with 7 tomato plants in pots.  then,  i built a raised  bed

and started to plant herbs and vegetables.    my husband and i look at it 

two to three times a day to look for any changes.  i go to nurseries to find

more plants.  now i have plans to fill pots around my yard with herbs 

and vegetables.  it is a rewarding pastime that i can eat eventually!

on the family front, little owen, my nephew's son 

graduated from pre school.  when i grew up, that was not a day marked 

on the calendar.  but now, aunts, uncles flew in to town, 

grandparents attended.  the whole class gave  an adorable  

singing dancing  performance . of course, i thought 

owen was the star of the show but all of the others were close 

seconds.  it brought back so many fond memories.

and now to the most most exciting part of the family news.

remember the napa trip i talked about last post?  well, it was a 

hush hush trip that my son planned to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

he invited her parents and us to join them to celebrate.  

what a  celebration it was!  

so all in all, as you can see, life is good.

i would love to hear what is happing in your world.  

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  1. Great, great, great portraits. I love how they all turned out. Fun to hear your family stories. Congratulations on the upcoming marriage festivities. :-)

  2. your play with faces is so fun and creative, and of course you also paint the lovliest ones too. If that's what you love then by all means keep doing faces because that's what counts. What a lovely family- and congrats on the engagement! happy PPF and weekend!

  3. What a wonderful post. I loved hearing about your family and all the milestones in place. I for one would be sad if you stopped creating faces. They are so inspirational to me and hey faces are a never ending subject to create.

  4. Please keep creating faces! we still want to see them :-)

  5. I would say, you are right on track,
    and doing it beautifully.So happy for
    you and the family celebrations.