Friday, September 30, 2016

i felt like i hit the jackpot when i found a sonia delunay book 

on sale at anthropologie.  i love her use of color and design but 

was unfamiliar with her figures.  i used a small section of one of her

paintings for this teabag painting.

i am experimenting with figure drawing this week.  

simple lines are deceptively difficult.  

i have paper ephemerah flowing from drawers,

shelves, closets.  a friend suggested i use them to collage in large books.

he said don't think about it.  just work intuitively.  here are a few 

pages.  i worked fast, intuitively and had a lot of fun!  also he said

that i can cut portions of the pages if i want to use them in a painting.

good idea!

it's been hot, hot, hot this week.  in the 90's.

but the sunsets have been spectacular and the 

evenings delicious.

thank you for visiting today.

have a lovely weekend!


it is friday and on this day
i link the post with the lovely creatives 
at paint party friday


  1. I like your intuitive collages. What fun to be so free! Also, your drawings are beautiful. I like those sweet faces.

  2. Your work is great, enjoy making the things as it suits you, that's always the best way! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  3. Good find on the book. I am so impressed with your tea bag art. So much detail in such a small area. I love your figures and the collage. I can see you cutting some up and using it else where. Hotttt!!! I had to turn my heater on this morning. I am freezing. LOL

  4. Oh these are wonderful! I especially like the figure with the blue hair, so flowing and lovely...

  5. I love the feeling of both your free line figures and intuitive ephemera collages. I feel I do well with these types of drawings, but for some reason I don't like my intuitive collages. Blessings!

  6. I do not think I could work intuitively and I do not quite know what it means but yours are really nice.

  7. Such pretty delicate work Irene..thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Really beautiful lines you drew.
    Your paintings are most lovely.
    Happy weekend ❤

  9. Your sketches are lovely. the idea of working intuitively is a great one. The best part of it is that there are no mistakes in intuitive creation.

  10. You are so talented ~ all wonderful creations ~ love the fluid sketches ~

    Wishing you a Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  11. Great art! Love the flowy lines. :)

  12. I like your dancing, lively lines...and how you mix colors.
    Have a good, creative week!

  13. Such lovely creative pieces!

  14. You perfectly capture the atmosphere on that small tea-canvas. I like your figure-drawings. Deceptively difficult ... very true!

  15. wonderful work.. I especially like the black and white sketch on gold...