Tuesday, September 1, 2015

day 1 of 29 faces

i often start a new piece from paper or a canvas

that was perviously used.  it feels familiar and 

friendly to add paint or watercolor to substrate that 

had a previous life.  the other side of this heavy

watercolor paper is turquoise and embossed from the

imprint of rosemary and   bougainvillea from my yard.  

when i turned the the paper around i saw a lovely, soft

bleed through of color.  i added bits and pieces of tea bag

which matched and created the darker edge of her hair.  then

sketched in a soft face with pencil.   i always like a challenge and 

look forward to 28 more faces this month.  click on the link to 

see what other artists create.


  1. Hi Irene. Very nice work, she is lovely. Look forward to more of your work. Take care.

  2. I also like to re-use old papers, the story continues and continues that way.

    The texture is beautiful, filled with shadows and light, a very delicate painting.

  3. that's nice! very emotional face

  4. Oh how beautiful, she has such a lovely ethereal quality...

  5. Soft and fragile .... Beautiful work!

  6. I like Your delicate style to paint very much.

  7. This woman reminds me of a Jane Austin character. :-) Also lovely!

  8. Irene, this is wonderful! So soft and feminine...

  9. Now this was the time when women's hair was up an flowing! Love how you captured this look.