Tuesday, August 25, 2015

lucky me!

seth apter, mixed media artist, innovative blogger, 

author of numerous books, designer,  collaborative artist

are among many his many talents.  he recently celebrated 

8 years of blogging with a giveaway drawing.  i was one of

four winners from over 200 entries.

for hours of inspiration visit seth's blog.  

thank you, seth!

i often use stencils, both original and store bought, 

in various ways.   the piece below is an example.

indigo lady, mixed media

stencils were used in unconventional ways to make papers which

are glued to  on the left side  of this piece.   

first, i selected a  magazine page, placed a stencil 

underneath and sanded.  you can sand heavily or lightly, depending

on the effect you desise.   at the recent whidbey island 

workshop i attended, i learned to layer this technique 

by using multiple  stencils and then spraying it with dyes

so that you are literally creating your own ephemeral.   

i  hen tore pieces and adhered it to a cradle board.  

there  is really no end  to the number of layers 

one can use in a mixed media piece. 

close up

you can barely make out the little fish shapes 

swimming  in water in the  upper left corner.


  1. Very cool! And also cool to know someone who actually won a giveaway. ;o)

  2. Love this Irene- how funny I posted my spread on the journal group using that technique too!

  3. How lucky you are to win!! I love stencils and use them a lot.. you use them beautifully, I am sure they will come in very useful!!

  4. So happy you were the winner of these Irene. Thanks for your generous words -- and for creating such wonderfully layered pieces using the stencils. Fantastic!

  5. I love that the face is purple. A long time ago I had a student who was told by a previous teacher that he could not do purple faces. No one had a purple face. Now just what does that do to creativity? So glad you did not let anyone tell you no purple faces. If they did, you ignored them! :-)

  6. I thought I wrote about this one but guess I did not. Love the purple face.