Friday, July 17, 2015

remembering, acrylic, mixed media

i joined a friend at the getty museum

to celebrate her birthday.

los angeles scape, getty succulent garden

i was thrilled that she choose the getty  as it is one of my 

absolute favorite spots in los angeles.  with each visit

i feel as if i had been to a wondrous destination.

there is a feast for the eyes from any angle.

i apologize... i thought i  took more architectural 

photos to post but when i came home i realized that

i only had a few.  hopefully you get a chance to treat yourself

when you are in los angeles.

manet's painting, spring, was a recent

acquisition on display in all of its 


in the same room was van gogh's 

iris, which i never tire of seeing.

degas' russian dancers and the art of pastel was 

yet another exhibit to view.  this painting in particular 

took my breath away as i entered the room.  the light 

degas caught in her skirt was indescribably beautiful.

it almost shimmered.

andrea del sarto: the renaissance workshop inaction displayed the artist 

renderings and  studies along with the finished paintings.

i was particularly taken with his use of  red chalk which i had never heard of.

and finally animal,  photos by various artists.

i love this sweet owl by the american photographer


i hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the getty museum.

thank you kristin and eva for continuing 

street heart nestled in dried leaves

i appreciate your visit here.  thank you for taking your

time to comment.  i love hearing from each of you.

have  a lovely week.


  1. Oh how I would LOVE to meander thru this museum! Such a great way to celebrate a special occasion with a friend-thanks for sharing!

  2. Remembering is wonderful. I loved seeing all the things from the Getty Museum. The Van Gogh is beautiful.


  3. Beautiful art from you, and thanks for sharing the photos from the museum - wonderful! Hugs, Valerie

  4. Thanks for the tour and love your acrylic Remembering! Beautiful!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Hi Irene. What a fun tour, enjoyed it and loved those cactus. Great art from you and of course who wouldn't love this awesome treasures from the masters. Nice post.

  6. A beautiful selection Irene. Thank you.

  7. I enjoy your artwork very much. The first piece you share is a very expressionistic and mysterious portrait, in the second I respond to the detail. I love the masterworks you shared as well. Thanks! (Visiting from PPF)

  8. This museum is on my someday list!

  9. I love this post Irene. I never heard of this museum. Wow, what a view it has! The Renaissance pieces are my favorite out of what you shared. Thank you.

    Remembering has a very beautiful glow.

  10. Lovely mini tour of the Getty!! Wow - what a lovely day!

  11. Love this- I want to go there when I am out there next year