Friday, July 10, 2015

my experimental art group had a swap.  we each brought

supplies, ephemerah, fabric and other materials

for a swap.  we were not to bring anything back home.

i got this painted canvas.  it's quite a nice 

start, don't you think?

i wish i took more process photos but here it is

part way through after i added more paint and 

a sketch.

and the end result is my first mermaid.  i have been surrounded

by the pacific ocean all of my life as well as taking a recent 

trip to many distant ports.   i enjoyed the  challenge of starting 

with colors i don't  normally  use  and making it mine.  

i have been away on a dream trip and i will share a few photos.  

i was busy sightseeing, eating and drinking in all of the 

sights that i did not take as many pictures as usual.  but 

i returned home with memories of destinations of places 

 that i have wanted to see and a full heart.

i travel light--one carry one for almost 3 weeks.

i had clothes that i didn't wear and will

take even less the next time.  friends call

me the packing queen....i work at it.

i share this post today with  paint party friday.

for those of you you who are visiting  today,

welcome and  thank you for taking your time.

a lovely summer weekend to all!

X   O   X   O   X  O


  1. What a wonderful mermaid! Your trips sounds amazing! I must learn your packing secrets!

  2. Great post, Irene. Have a happy weekend.

  3. Oh my- I can't wait to see your finished canvas, and happy for you to have had a dream trip to keep you inspired for a long time to come. Gorgeous photos!

  4. I really love the direction your painting is going. Great colors!

  5. Love your mermaid and how you have used the colours. Gorgeous photos, too.

  6. Love the mermaid, and the photos are wonderful, what a great trip you had. Hugs, Valerie

  7. Brilliant photos. Glad you had a good time. By coincidence I painted a mermaid for the first time recently as well - but I'm afraid mine ended up in the rubbish (sorry - recycling).

  8. Wow! You took me down memory lane with your photos. Love Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast.

    Your final art piece posted here is stunning. I love the flow of movement created by the figure. Super!

  9. Beautiful intuitive painting Irene. I love your photos Irene. I recognise some Gaudi architecture and some fantastic Italian sculpture. The photos brought back happy memories of ny past trips to Italy and Spain. I an sure you gave returned filled with inspiration.

  10. Gorgeous canvas and mermaid...I love the colours and movement!! Wonderful photos! My daughter is exactly like you. She takes one carry-on.... she is also the queen of packing... and brings home clean clothes... That's is the sign of a true traveler!! Love this post thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Fabulous mermaid and your trip sounds amazing!

  12. The mermaid looks lovely and great photos too!

  13. beautiful mermaid! I ma glad you had a great trip. thank you for sharing photos!