Friday, May 29, 2015

this week

a mixed media collage and painting 

using one of my sketches

and another with my sketch...

or half a sketch :)

kitties painted on a post card

a friend snuck a photo

while i set up on the print press

printed grape leaves and curly ques 

i received these beautiful gifts 

a stunning atc from the so very

talented mixed media artist annie hamman

and this charming atc and lilting poem 

and my fellow corita kent enthusiast,

jacki long so generously gave me this 

bag with a corita quote 

and a booklet full of her postcards.

if you don't know of corita, which i have

learned, many do not,  she is a sours

of endless inspiration.

X    X    X    X  

thank you for visiting today and 

have a lovely weekend.

although i have never met you, 

thank you to eva and kristin for hosting a weekly community

for artists to share there work at paint party friday


  1. very creative pieces and lovely gifts. Congrats on your PPF feature today!

  2. I liked that half a figure, surprising compositions always catch the eye!

  3. Love the use of colour and the sketch. It works really well x

  4. Beautiful art, both selfmade and received.

  5. I am SO happy your bunnies painting was featured this week at PPF or I would have missed that absolutely delightful piece!!! Wonderful variety of art here, and what sweet art gifts too.

  6. Beautiful work! I really love that first one. Congrats on being the featured artist!

  7. Love your bunnies! SO sweet! Wonderfully creative work this week :)

  8. that print is stunning... and the top painting is pretty wonderful too...xx

  9. Beautiful work. Love the colors used. Great gifts.:) Have a great day Irene.

  10. Gorgeous work so glad you were featured this week!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. I just love how you push forward more and more. Just plain amazing to see you progression. Thank you for sharing your soul in each work.

  12. Lovely mixed media portrait and I loved the work your friends gifted to you. xx

  13. These are all wonderful--my favorite is your ivy leaf painting. So lovely.

  14. Oh gorgeous! Love your face, full of atmosphere and love the leaf prints too! Gorgeous work for your friends too, how lovely. A post full of inspiration I'm so glad you linked it up to Show Your Face this week, do hope you will come back to link up again. Kx