Sunday, May 24, 2015

if you are not familiar with artist trading cards, 

or ATCs, they are 2.5 x 3.5 inch little pieces of art.

the artist is free to create using any medium.  

i belong to an international atc group.  

we have a different themes which we use as a guideline 

and mail our art to the other members six times a year.  

my friend john and i are the only members from the us.  

others hail from england, sweden, germany, new zealand,

 and isreal.  it is such a pleasure to go to my 

mail box and find and envelope, often decorated

with a surprise tiny piece of art.  some days, to extend 

the intrigue,  i just let the envelope sit on my desk unopened 

and imagine what delight is inside waiting for me.

recently, i participated in another trade with a group of 

ten from an online workshop.

artist trading cards, 2015


  1. AWESOME collection! thanks for sharing!

  2. These are stunning Irene!
    Imagine the joy when someone receives such beauty?

  3. So glad your back blogging. These are wonderful! I miss my Irene!!!

  4. I could never ever EVER postpone the pleasure of opening an envelope. Your willpower must be made of kryptonite. The only person I know that can wait to open an envelope is my husband, who always expects bad news, but even that wouldn't be enough to hold me back. But now I'm thinking I should try it some time...