Thursday, January 8, 2015

day 8, 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

wehre am i ??

today i tried a little texture, collage and gold paint

on a square canvas.

i visited the pompeii exhibit at the california science center

yesterday.    these faces on this theatrical mural relief

fascinated me.  i like the three-d quality and wondered about

the story that goes along with these faces.

afterwards we went to an iconic greek deli, papa cristos   the fragrances alone when you first step in

the door will send you into another time, another land.  there is the

fresh baking bread, the melding of warmed cheeses, meats, garlic,

pita and baked goods...well, if you weren't hungry when you walked

in, you would not be able to resist ordering too much.

papa cristo himself took our order

photo from website

in the room next to the prepared food is the deli

with all sorts of goodies

jars of honey with nuts

jordan almonds and other goodies

my friend, lorraine who grew up in south africa was sent right back

to her childhood remembering foods her grandmother prepared that 

she hasn't had in years.  we ate way too much.  it was a perfect ending 

to an outing and made-up for the fire alarm (turned out to be false )  

that sent us scattering out of the  imax theater.

this morning on my walk in redondo beach, no blue skies to be seen.

posting today with paint party friday


  1. I saw your abstract painting on Instagram this morning, and I immediately LOVED IT!!! Ooooh, yes!! Your day sounds perfect. It's been in the - numbers around here lately..I think it was -9F this old house is soooo cold. Your gray skies don't look so bad from where I'm sitting. :) I'm not complaining though, really. I love winter..and the four seasons we've been getting lately.

  2. Wow everything looks scrumptious!!
    Sorry about the fire alarm... that's rough!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Great pictures and I love you new work too!

  4. That's a cheerful one today! Your outing sounded delicious...

  5. Love your painting, and the whole post is most enjoyable. Valerie

  6. Ok, now that I'm completely hungry, wow, what a fun outing! Your collage is beautiful!!!

  7. utterly fantastic abstract Irene!! And now you have made me really hungry-sounds like a great place to dine. Happy PPF!

  8. I love your painting, it is so beautiful! What a great day you had too!

  9. wonderful abstract, love the colour, texture. And enjoyed the photos too.

  10. Mmm... I can almost smell that fresh bread
    Great post and fantastic photos and artwork.
    Happy PPF to you

  11. Wonderful abstract Irene!
    Your day with your friend seems to have been interesting and lovely!
    Having good meals together is one of the best things to do! :-)
    Happy PPF

  12. I love your red circle painting with the gold. Somehow very optimistic! OMG that food looks so yummy! Happy PPF