Thursday, January 15, 2015

day 15, 30 paintings in 30 days challenge

a kind of stillness, mixed media, chair 1

i have wanted to paint chairs for a while now.  

finally got around to it.  a painting a day for a month 

offers many different kinds of opportunities.  subject 

matter, medium, color schemes, substrate ... 

just some of the decisions.  not to speak of the 

mind challenges.  i read about mindfulness recently,

staying in the present moment, noticing what the 

senses have to offer.  i have tried to do less multitasking

and am surprised at how much i may have missed.

pelican feet

on a totally random note,  i was looking through my photo library

and  found this picture i took a month or so ago on 

the redondo beach pier.   

no need for shoes :)

posting today along with other artists at 
paint party friday.  thank you to kristin and ava 
for continuing the circle


  1. I LOVE painting Chairs...I like what you did here!!

  2. Love your chair and your pelican feet. You are doing so well to keep up with a painting a day.

  3. Hi Irene. What a great chair. Love it!

  4. Really love this, Irene. I hope you paint more chairs soon.

  5. Wonderful painting of the chair ~ a *wonderful* kind of silliness!
    And I love the "pelican feet" photo too!