Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I'm Reading

I have looked at Susan Tuttle's book, Exhibition 30, Mixed-Media Demonstrations and Explorations published in 2008,  for years and finally purchased it.  I can't tell you what took so long but I am glad to glean its pages at my leisure.  Susan says "this book is a virtual art exhibit... a gathering of thirty-six mixed-media artists....  The artists talk about their work and techniques and share aspects of their creative lives with you."  I love 'meeting' these artists and learning from them.

I saw this book at the Norton Simon book store.  Do you remember Corita Kent?  She inspired many students while teaching at the now closed Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. She believed 'drawing, painting and making things are natural human activities, but in many they remain in the seed state, a potentials or wishes." Her book describes many of the processes she used in her teachings that helped to nurture that seed.  I can feel her creative energy right through the pages.

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