Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeing Pelicans

Pelicans are appearing once again.  I saw this one standing on the Redondo Beach Pier right in front of 

me as walked with a friend.  Nearby people fished, walked, children ran.  The pelican stood its ground.

And then later on this walk along the spectacular cliffs of Rolling Hills.  I had my point and shoot 

so this  photo does not come close to the spectacular beauty.

Pelicans flew in formation, in groups, some singly, high in the clouds or at eye level, some below eye 

level.  Again my little camera was not fast enough to catch these prehistoric creatures.  I hope one day 

you will have the exhilarating experience of seeing these winged creatures fly by you.

Pelican get their name from the Greek work pelekys which means axe because they are said to cut wood 

with their beaks.   What I find interesting is that they nest and raise their young in community.  These baby 

pelicans make a lot of noise while together.  But adult pelicans do not utter a sound.  

I grew up  when 'children should be seen and not heard' was a common saying among parents. 

Also being Japanese and a girl, I learned to keep my opinions to myself. 

So I am glad when I see pelicans and am reminded that everyone's voice 

is unique and important.

Happy Sunday


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  1. What amazing looking birds they are. And such interesting things you have told about them too.

  2. The commentary about voice is interesting.

  3. Pelktys.. Ancient birds, prehistoric.. they remind me jurasic times; the axe is a perfect description..

  4. Thank you for the story of the pelican. I didn't really know anything about them before. Now I feel somewhat enlightened!

    Cactus Postcard

  5. Beautiful pictures, Irene. Great close-up of the pelican and interesting word origin story.

  6. I love watching them dive straight down for lunch! :=)

  7. Amazing photos and excellent post ~ love them! ~thanks, namaste, Carol ^_^

  8. again you take me to a far deeper place than sky and birds. you weave a journey into the heart of understanding and finding ones voice.
    thank you for an impossibly blue sky where in hearing you i long to listen even more closely.

  9. today...all i can see is SNOW!

  10. returning on this sunbright day to wish you a fond welcoming to SPRING!

  11. Wow, Irene your words and images transform the pelican into a creature of real beauty and wisdom. Michelle

  12. I've always love pelicans and I've really enjoyed that stretch of PV. I used to do landscaping up there and I loved to walk around it. I miss you! I hope to see you soon!