Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I Am Here Finding A Rhythm

After a necessary detour, slowly, slowly 
I am getting back to my art.  Finding my rhythm.  
I have joined Kelly Kilmer in 
Revel in the Moment collage workshop.

 and Misty Mawn's Open Studio.  
This is my first sketch.

I Am Here
I am here, a late comer to the 
ether of the art world when fully inhaled.
I am here, up at the crack of dawn 
flapping my wings, waving to all of you 
like-minded souls from my perch here
on the California coast.
I am here, in my silent corner, pen in hand
dodging the inner critic who so readily and
willingly can usurp my excitement.  
I am here longing to exercise my art muscles, 
rusty after a long period of time between rounds of
caregiving for family members.  Here with full knowledge
that there is only one moment and each moment is precious.
I am here, I carry with me in a pocket, so to be 
easily fingered, that which inspires and fortifies me~
my Japanese ancestors~ a samurai warrior, a painter,
a photographer, community organizers.  I feel
their strength encourage me when I falter.
I am here, an inner quiver, a rumble threatens to 
overtake me, to hijack my soul and deliver me to
the blissful land where creativity reigns.
I am here a willing hostage armed with pencils, 
pads, paints, brushes.  The door open, the path 
revealed.  A community awaits.  
I am here balancing that which life presents.
I am here right now in this moment.
I am here longing for that which feeds me 
I am here.


  1. I admire that you are taking this time for yourself with 2! classes...


  2. Oh my, I lOVE that poem! And as always, your artful is beautiful. You are so talented, it never ceases to amaze me!!