Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do We Really See Ourselves?

I started a quick self portrait from memory with markers.
You would think that the few minutes each day spent in front of the mirror
applying make up would give me a working knowledge of my own face.
I mean, we're talking about years.

But this drawing could be anyone.  

One of the participants in Misty's online workshop
said she layered her piece until she loved it.  I love this statement 
and have adopted it as my mantra. 

I layered and layered with markers, Caran d'arch crayons, pencil, acrylic.
Was ready to toss in the bucket several times but reminded myself 
to layer until. . . 

I love it.  

But to answer the question do we really see ourselves?  
I think we all do but at different times through different 'lenses.'  
To be honest, sometimes I see myself and only see imperfections, my short comings 
come through in front of everything else.  At other times I am more neutral and on rare occasions I see the me I'd like to believe I am, the person with a kind, soft heart blessed 
with a vital energy, curiosity and creativity, a seeker and searcher 
who loves deeply and loves to connect with others.

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