Friday, March 31, 2017

irma stern was a german artist who lived much of her life 

in south africa.  her art was termed, 'Art of Miss Irma Stern- 

Ugliness as a cult.'  But she held over one hundred solo exhibitions 

in he lifetime.  And she art broke records when sold at Southeby.

i admire her spirit to continue her passion and never give in

to what others say.  this is a drawing after on of her paintings. 

i may later add paint but quite like it as it is now. 

a mixed media work in progress.  slowly 

coming together.

i visited the hammer museum, one of the ucla galleries in

westwood, outside of the campus grounds.   i am not sure

that clicking on the above image will enlarge the print.

i was not familiar with dubuffet before i visited the exhibit.

he was a french artist known as the father of the brut art movement

which later was called outsider art in the united states.  he  appreciated

the art of those who were not formerly trained in art yet displayed 

talent in communicating through their art.  here are a few of his 

pieces on display.  i was taken with his work and the impact he

had in the art world.  if you are interested in learning more about

outsider art, here is a link

i have been under the weather these last few weeks 

so have been less active.   here is an accidental 

 studio shot.

posting today with friends at 
paint party friday.  my appreciation
to our hostesses kristen and eva.


  1. Sorry you are under the weather. Seems to be the case with so many of late!! Love this interesting post! I think I fit somewhere in between, intuitive, outsider artist!! Love the outsider art so unique and expressive!! All this artwork is wonderful love it!! Feel better soon and thanks for the link...I will enjoy that now! Cute photo of you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Thank-you Thank-you, Thank-you! Absolutely fascinating video, I enjoyed it so much!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love the unique art. Hope you soon feel better. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. Sorry you've been slowed? Under the weather but still a force.
    I think your slow is my full speed? Please take good care, Irene!

  5. You are so like the energizer bunny! You keep producing an producing and producing. I am always so pleased to see your work.

  6. interesting Dubuffet art but I rather like yours much better! TFS and happy PPF! Feel better soon.

  7. Sorry you have not been yourself and hope you get better real soon. I love that first piece. I like her just the way she is.

  8. I love your art. . keep at it, you are very very talented. Blessings, Janet