Friday, December 9, 2016

it is the sparkly time of year.

christmas music surrounds us

and spirits soar.  this can feel like pressure

for many whose lives are filled with obligations

and burdens.  here in southern california, even when driving 

on the streets you can feel the change in the air.  tempers are 

short, people are in a hurry, horns are honking.  

yesterday i saw this card at a local trader joes and 

use it as a daily mantra.  

here are a few of this week's 

creative endeavors.

i keep these tiny teabag art pieces in an antique 

leptons tea tin.  this week i brought some out to

have a little tea party.  i love the variety of styles and colors 

that can be seen when they are together that i don't seewhen

i do my daily painting.

a fabric pendant painted on hand painted fabric for a gift exchange.

i took a one day figurative workshop.

it was so hard and there is so much to learn!  

here is the first drawing with some 

acrylic paint from a live model.  

this class made me realize how important it is 

to practice drawing so i began to sketch

while i watched the borgias.  the scenes 

change quickly so you don't have much time

to jot down the basic shapes.

and of course my daily walks 

on the redondo beach esplanade.

a view that can only be seen in southern california

in december!  vw wagon, palm trees and the sun!

happy paint party friday and

than you for visiting this week.

wishing you peace and peace

and peace!


  1. Lots of beautiful art again this week, happy and peaceful, PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I can't stop wondering how you create these adorable teabag art. I so love it. Wonderful collages of them! The first art piece is really magical, fun and lovely.
    Wishing you lovely, lovely, lovely to ❤

  3. Such a pleasure to pay a visit to your blog. All I can do is smile all the way through your entries. You have been busy and it shows that you are enjoying yourself. I love what you create and I know you love doing it.

  4. Great art pieces, Irene! The one day figure class looks like it was very educational.. Not sure I could do that. Also, I'm not good at drawing fast. I see things on TV I'd like to sketch and then they're gone before I get much down.

  5. Such beautiful and magical art, and nice mantra too :)

  6. oh, those teabag paintings are just so sweet. It's lovely to see them all together. And I like the fabric pendant!

  7. Wow! You are very prolific! Love your little tea bags. You are right about the tension building up this time of year. I went to the grocery store today and it was a frenzy because we are getting up to 10 inches of snow in the Chicago area. What a beautiful area you walk in. I wish you, peace and peace and peace also!

  8. Your teabag paintings are the best, Irene! Can't wait to see more.

  9. I love the collection of teabag paintings all together too!! I admire this so much as I am trying to paint a small piece for a snow globe and it's so difficult. Love the peace mantra!!

    Hugs Giggles