Friday, November 4, 2016

i painted a series of faces using backgrounds that

i painted with a solid acrylic color

this week i attended a friends collage class.

the theme was landscapes.

this is the view i see on my daily walks.

i have painted it, drawn it, sketched it 

but have not been satisfied with the outcome

i did like the results of the collage.

another view along the same walk.

and the collage.  

a friend sent this to me on her trip along the 

 california coast to big sur.  i have been along this 

spectacular drive many times so could almost feel

the curves in the road, the roaring ocean, the craggy 


the collage.

another big sur photo.

i almost felt like i was along for the ride!

i visited the uncommon threads exhibit at 

the fowler gallery at ucla.  here are a few 

pieces for your enjoyment.  

thank you for your visit! 

i enjoy your comments and feedback on my weekly posts.

today i am linking to paint party friday where an inspiring 

group of fellow artists post their weekly work.

rare view of catalina island this week

do you have any weekend plans?

i plan to attend several at events and will share next week.


  1. Your collage landscapes are so beautiful! A real sense of involvement with the scene. I love them. I enjoyed the visit to the museum from your photos!! Have a nice weekend..

  2. Hi June, I am glad that you enjoyed the landscapes and museum visit. Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely week!
    ~~ Irene

  3. Wow! What a post!......all the way from portraits to landscapes to photography and exhibits. I smile whenever I look at your work. So fun to not only see your work but know you. :-)

  4. Lots of beautiful creativity here ~ lovely works yours and others ~ thanks,

    Wishing you a lovely week with lots of fun of your choosing ~ ^_^

  5. Irene, your post is full of such wonderful and varied art works. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I do not mind if you use my scenes to do your art. The original scene came from and I don't know it she actually drew it or got it from somewhere else. However, my rendition was hand drawn by me so I think it is fine for you to use. I sure don't mind.

  6. I think the beach collages are particularly successful - lovely sense of texture/colour. I saw some great 'stitchery' in London this week (whole show brilliant): wall-size woven hangings to designs by William Kentridge. Exhibition called Thick Time at the Whitechapel Gallery - take a look.