Friday, July 8, 2016

this week i am up to arranging teabags ladies.

why?  i need to create 3 large frames 

for an upcoming installation.  my idea 

was to have small groupings. the curator

had other ideas.    am liking them together.

what do you think?  

if you are in southern california, redondo beach

to be specific.  i would love to see you there!

posting along with weekly hostesses eva and kristen
at paint party friday


  1. This looks very intriguing wish I could see it in person Irene. You are always full of such imaginative ideas.

    1. Thank you Morag. I feel the same about your creations. I wish I could hold them in my hands!

  2. Irene - I like them together, and the colors look fantastic. I also wish I could see them in person.