Friday, March 11, 2016

a peek at my studio desk top today.

i showed the onion skins and avocado puts i boiled last week.

the initial dye was a light tint.  i boiled the solution down 

to get a concentrate.  i had newsprint with texture paste

that i made in misty mawn's workshop.  i cut it into

5 x5 pieces, painted them with the dyes, then collaged 

shapes cut from tea bags and  the words to one of my 

favorite poems,  wild geese by mary oliver.  i will continue

to add a bit more but i do like it at this point.  

happy friday!  i have to sets of friends visiting from mexico

and pittsburg and am so looking forward to catching up

and lots of hugs!

happy paint party friday!


  1. Fantastic work, what a wonderful colour you produced. Happy PPF, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Such lovely colors in your pieces. I simply love the earth tones. I have a walnut tree, and coming autumn I'm going to try making walnut ink.

  3. fab collage work Irene. have a great weekend with friends!

  4. What an interesting process!! That are wonderful...clicking on the images helps to see them better!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. You never cease to amaze me with your art. You just have the effortless talent to create. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means so much to me.

  6. You are endlessly creative, Irene. Love it all.

  7. your desk top is gorgeous... and those works are so amazing... I really love them...xx