Thursday, November 26, 2015

colored pencil, pastel pencil, markers

have you joined the coloring book craze?

i was given a coloring book.   i did not think

that i would enjoy it as much as i do.  

i do not find it mindless as many others do.

it allows options such as selecting a color palate, 

whether to stay within the lines or whether to color or not

... and quiets the mental chatter.

i like it a lot.

i have been trying my hand at pastels. 

here are my attempts.  gulp.  there is definitely 

a steep learning curve!  one thing i discovered

after asking around is that it is possible to 'erase'

using a stiff bristle brush.  


i would like to share a few photos for your

enjoyment from the  spectacular 

collection and architecture 

of the new broad museum, 

downtown los angeles

while i do not pretend to understand much of 

contemporary art, i do appreciate the artistic and 

creative expression of the artist.  

originality doesn't mean making something
that's completely new; 
nothing is completely new.
originality means bending and shaping
what's come before until it belongs 
to you
~robert hunt

i am especially thankful for your visit
today during this busy holiday season

posting with paint party friday
visit the various artists who regularly 
post their work on friday thanks to
 hostesses eva and kristen


  1. Glad you are having fun with the colouring book. That new museum looks most interesting. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. I like your portraits with pastels. They are expressive and well done.
    The cups are also beautifully coloured.
    Thanks for sharing the impressive museum photos.
    Have a happy weekend ♥

  3. Thanks for the museum tour, and the selling advice is great. Lovely work from you as well Irene.

  4. oh thank you for sharing the art museum pieces-really interesting and varied! Lovely portraits. No, although I am seeing coloring books everywhere I have not jumped on the bandwagon........yet:)

  5. Yes I started coloring shortly after my mom passed it really helped me get lost in a "not thinking mode" LOL Now Really??? Glup??? your pastels look like you have been doing them for years. You are such a humble and beautiful artist and person. That museum is stunning. I really do love the contemporary art. In my mixed up brain I "GET IT" I would love to visit the Board Museum
    Have a very nice weekend

  6. Your pastels are gorgeous, love their contemplative expressions too! My daughter bought several adult colouring books, and some for gifts too... I have not coloured in any yet! Great photos we`d not otherwise see...thanks for sharing! I plan on trying Paulines though!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your pastels are wonderful! Yes, I had to do many before i started to "get it", but you seem to have caught on quite quickly!