Friday, October 16, 2015

i  went to a weekend workshop called nomad art

handout by misty mawn

under the guidance of misty mawn, hosted 

by jenny doh at studio creshendoh in santa ana.  

we selected a number of images that appealed to us

and then led  through several steps.  

first writing our story in ink on newsprint,  

then sketching a studies to possibly use in our story,

finally, we  painted using any medium.   in the final painting

a camel seemed more fitting that a baby deer.  also, you might

recognize the muted paintings of my relatives from the

photo i used for the atc i showed last week.

since i rarely paint with watercolor, i tried it.  i learned that watercolors

can be layered, that mixing  colors is easy and fun and that it is 

much more forgiving than i initially thought.  i am inspired by this 

story telling approach. my mind is reeling with stories i hope to paint in the future.

i visited the hammer museum to see the collage work of

it was spectacular!

also this week...

i am thrilled to announce that two of my paintings were accepted into the

art in the library show  sponsored by the palos verdes library district. 

i remember carrying armloads of books home each saturday

from the central library in los angeles.  it was a big deal to get my 

mother, who worked all week, to take me.  i am ever grateful

for the experience.  i will post pictures of the paintings in the future.

speaking of postings ... thank you for visiting 
and for being patient with my erratic postings. 

have a lovely weekend.

today is friday and i am posting along with friends 
at paint party friday, hosted by kristen and eva.


  1. Lovely work Irene. I particularly love your first sketch. Congrats on being accepted for the show.

  2. My goodness--this is an amazing piece. Thank you for sharing the process. You are such a gifted, talented artist. WOW!

  3. really beautiful painting Irene. That collage work is fab -how lucky you got to see this one and more in person too. And congrats on having two of your paintings in the library show-how exciting!

  4. fabulous class, fabulous teacher i have only seen in online videos unfortunately. i think you did absolutely great. love the subtlety. i am also loving watercolors. blessings fellow artist

  5. Wow Irene this is simply stunning. The process just seems like something you are a natural at. Congrats on the library acceptance.

  6. Gorgeous happy for you having those pieces excepted.. I looked forward to seeing them! Wonderful meaty post, loved the process...thank you!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. It looks like you enjoyed Misty's class a bunch!