Sunday, March 22, 2015

journal spread, thinking of ancestors 

i wanted to be sure to comment back to all of you 

who have left me sweet messages before i posted

here on my blog.  i really appreciate that you have 

taken the time to say hello.  i think i am caught up.

this journal spread is in memory of my ancestors.

i recently read a book called heart mountain 

by gretel ehrlich  which took place in 

wyoming at one of the sites of an internment camp.

all of my family members were interned during world war II

so it was a very moving book to me.  i didn't intend this page to 

go in this direction but the topic must have been on my mind.

in the lower right corner is a photo of the japanese american

troop who fought in the american army.  i have mentioned 

before that this troop was the most decorated troop in the army.

practicing with a limited palate 

collage and acrylic, we have it all

small color studies

these pieces are  more from my assignments

in art entwined with misty mawn.  she is quite 

extraordinary if you do not know of her.  

posting with paint party friday.  thank you
eva and kristin for hosting for 4 years and 1 week!


  1. How heartbreaking that must have been for all those who endured that. Your paintings reflect strong emotions. Stories like your family's should be passed on so each generation hopefully can learn from them.

  2. how dear! Thanks for sharing your journey into ART!!!!!

  3. I can't imagine the pain of what so many families have endured. It's healing to put your thoughts into your art. Your projects are all beautiful. Great job on the limited palette!

  4. That was such a terrible injustice both in the states and Canada! Years ago I watched a little indy movie there was only one on the shelf at Blockbusters and it left me weeping, so sad!! I hope this journal page is somewhat cathartic. However I don't know how anyone can recovery from such a tragedy!

    Big hugs to you and your family. So sorry for what happened to them!

  5. Irene, your journal pages are beautifully done. I love the idea behind the journal. And the painting We have it all is gorgeous, too.

  6. We had an internment camp right in our town, Irene. It was located on the site of what is now the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds. Truly, it was a sad and grievous time.

  7. Your journal spread at the top has beautiful illustrations. I especially like the tower and the vase with the leaves and the lovely blues of the background.
    Your painting with the limited palette is very clever, it's a super painting with the geese, so atmospheric, and I do like the nine little paintings, that looks like an intriguing course.

  8. I really like that spread, Irene. It really shows the depth of feeling the topic has for you.

  9. Isn't it great how we can translate our thoughts and emotions onto a paper or a canvas? These pages look very special, and they must've been healing for you to paint. Great work on the other ones as well!

  10. Oooh I really like all of it. The limited palette and color studies as well as the collage!

  11. Wow! That's a touching story and beautifully inspired pieces. Blessings!

  12. You are really on a roll! Each of the first three pieces are so soft and feminine and lovely to look at! Good show! I love the color studies especially the blue one on the bottom left.