Tuesday, February 3, 2015

day 3, 29 faces

i had this unfinished canvas for a while.

it was started in a workshop led by 

teesha moore.  she was very specific in her

lessons.  the papers are from her collage sheets.

acrylic ink was added

using bamboo and found sticks

then a little black gesso 

and white stabile pen with more

stick painting.

i will probably add more later.

but for now, i will stop.


  1. so wonderful how you went about this
    like a curious and magical journey

  2. Beautiful colorful background and i love seeing your work in progress.

  3. Thanks for sharing this FUN piece!

  4. These kind of processes are so inspiring to look at, thanks for sharing! It's always so intriguing to see a painting born.

  5. I do like how this progressed and the place where you have stopped (...for now)

  6. Wow, I love this one. Thank you for show us the process you use, it's awesome to watch.