Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rip and Paste

i have saved paper for years.  among my treasures 

is a box of 'little pieces.'  i used some of these

random bits in 5 minute collages this week.

i am taking an online collage workshop

hoping to glean new skills.

blue whirl

facing west

where are these animals running from?  

or are they running to?

i also would like to share the work of the multi talented artist,

terry braunstein.  i had the pleasure of meeting her many years

ago and admire her work.

nuclear summer, terry braunstein

check out some of the creative offerings 


  1. Hi Irene. Your collages are outstanding! Great idea to save the paper. Thanks, gloria

  2. Super gorgeous collages...very much energy and enchantment..visually stunning!Fabulous blog!
    Beautiful art!

  3. Lovely! I think they're stretching their legs. :)

  4. Your collage art is wonderful! That's so cool to save the paper for these special pieces. Happy PPF!

  5. You are the best, Irene! These are great! I know exactly what you have been up to since I just took Randel's class. It is so much fun! I loe Braunstein's piece as well.

  6. Wonderful layers of the depth you create! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Those 5 minute collages look awesome!

  8. The animals are running from the storm about to hit us here...
    Looking forward to your 'take' on things if you are indeed doing Randel's course too.

  9. Interesting work - i like the blue whirl best. Also the terry braunstein image is very powerful!

  10. I love your collage art, especially 'facing west'. I find it difficult to do collages and this is very inspiring.

  11. fabulous collages Irene! Love that building in the top one!

  12. I love your small collages - they are lovely and super interesting to look at (as well as a great way to use scraps). That painting is just gorgeous.

  13. i love your collages... the second one especially. i can tell you love paper and you certainly have an eye for composition. Beautiful work. xox

  14. HI Irene, You have a lot of really interesting and fascinating paintings and collages! I too save a lot of paper...but it's getting to be toooo much! I need to reign in my penchant to keep everything , just in case, one day, I may use it! Dropped by to say you won my weekly ATC giveaway. Please email me your snail mail address and I'll send it off to you! Have a great weekend, patsy.paterno (at)