Sunday, September 2, 2012

Surprise Around the Corner

Weary after a ten hour train ride, but satisfied after finally having a meal, 

I took a short stretch walk only to find 

this enchanting sight. 

 Sunday night and a full moon 

always resonates wonder 

as it did years ago 

when my son was born. 

Here again a reminder of moonlight splendor.

I am linked with Rebecca's Postcards from Paradise and 
Kat's Photo-Heart Connection. Visit both sites to find other wonders.


  1. Wow! Excellent photography ~ Love the 'blue moon' ~ exciting for you ~ that son was born during a blue moon ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  2. Very pretty. Safe travels to you where ever you go.

  3. i always love seeing your name appear and would follow you anywhere!!!
    gorgeous mother of a full moon son.

  4. How lovely to catch a blue moon and it brings back sweet memories of the night of your son's birth.
    Have a happy week!

  5. What a remarkable building. All the lights and shadows make it not mysterious but wondrous.

  6. Great image and I loved reading your post and the lovely memories invoked.

  7. Beautiful, sensory post in your words and image. I was there with you. Thank you for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection!

  8. Is this about Rene Colato?

  9. How powerful the memories of bringing a child into the world. The light is enchanting.

  10. Spectacular photo, and what a special memory to be triggered by it. A lovely photo-heart connection.

  11. Now special, the blue moon, brings back precious memories.

  12. What a special moment to remember with such a great photo.

  13. dear sweet irene,

    once again i am dedicating each sunday in october to The Art of Remembering.
    i cannot begin to tell you how deeply moved i am with this outpouring of love, and i hope you will return to woo us once more with your precious memories!
    please invite your blog family, the more stories shared, all the more love igniting our hearts!
    truly this is my most favorite meme of the year, so tender, so profound, so simple, so real.

    i have really been away from my blog family this summer and i hope The Art of Remembering will bring us back together in a profoundly loving way.