Friday, August 17, 2012

During This Fleeting Span We Are Given

lean into this life

meander, wander, well in


today i join rebecca brooks at haiku my heart.

won't you join us?


  1. "lean into this life"

    What an exquisite line--and wise advice!

    Helpless Soul

  2. Irene, how are you? I can see you have been creating beauty in paints and words. Hope you had a good summer.

  3. Beautiful words, i will be leaning Today!

  4. dear irene,
    oh i love how you have surprised me here today! first the mysterious single image of a woman...then the appearance of a bright face, pausing to read your provocative haiku several times for the love of it,
    to be fully rewarded with the last scroll down and your lovely wonderful painting!!!
    thank you irene for filling me completely with the beauty and wisdom of you!

  5. So lovely this haiku and your art work. I love the image of leaning into life... leaning rather than pushing, running, grasping, just a gentle lean... I'm going to think on this all day and beyond! Thank you!

  6. Love your haiku and paintings. Good to see you again.

  7. This beautiful painting reminds me of the 3 muses... or 3 faces of the same.

    lovely Irene!

  8. What a divine haiku and fantastic art work ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  9. Thank you for visiting me and comment, your work here is so beautiful, the last one gave me thoughts of wandering with wise women! x

  10. I can see you working so intensely on these pieces. Success all around! Super to add haiku as well. I will be using haiku in my workshop in November.