Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Remembering

A gathering of materials to use in my retablo project for my experimental art group.
As I looked around my house the ceramic bride and groom from my parents wedding cake caught my heart and a theme began to resonate.  I printed their wedding photo,  looked through family boxes, reminisced.  I was sidetracked time and time again but finally had a stack of assorted memorabilia.

A wooden box painted with gesso.  I think the bamboo handle gives a nice Asian touch.

I considered putting the cake topper in this lovely hand made box, a gift.

At our meeting Pat Wooley gave a presentation on retablos and showed some of her creations.

That was all it took.  I painted the wooden box, played with background arrangements.  

Added this fan I found in one of my family boxes and voila.  There is a piece of frame on the top but I changed it adding dried acorns I picked up in Northern California.  A huge part of the enjoyment came from sweet memories of my parents through the years.


  1. be still my heart,
    thank you so much for including your love in the art of remembering!


  2. Beautiful box and a wonderful memory of your loved ones.

  3. Wonderful memory of your loved ones. It's always a good feeling when one is building a foundation of love. Thank you for sharing.

  4. what a lovely tribute to your parents! thank you for sharing the pics with us!

  5. Your mementos are sacred.Lovely.

  6. Dear, dear Irene, how delightful to see you here. I just love your retablo and seeing your parents wedding photo. I have my own parents at my website today.

  7. so much love and peace in this - thank you for sharing - it truly warmed my heart!

  8. good morning irene,

    i am back home and visiting everyone participating in the art of remembering. i wanted to share that i just happily took the time to look through all your blog posts! i am so happy we have met and i see we have many parallel loves,
    fran being one! so glad we are now sharing our creative path together!