Monday, July 4, 2011

Where I draw inspiration this weekend

The beauty of the Pacific

Shadow of my lemon tree

A treasure trove of supplies and two days of art led by the talented muse, Kelly Kilmer. I made a new journal with pages almost filled.  It is a renewing and satisfying time luxuriating in glue, paper, images with other like minded friends.  

This might look like your ordinary scrambled eggs but Tony at Ranch Market suggested this as his favorite after he works out: a scrambled egg with a side of  chopped tomatoes, avocado with cilantro, red onion, a squeeze of lime (the secret ingredient), a smidge of s & p.
Deceptively delicious.  

Listening to a story of  Marie Antoinette as a 14 year old in the French court, while knowing the direction her life takes.  

Happy Fourth.

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  1. What an inspiring weekend!! It was great to see you in class this weekend! I hope you had a good time and continue to work in your new journal!! :)