Saturday, February 3, 2018

hello and welcome1

today i am posting my daily face and figurative 

drawings in various mediums and substrate

ink and watercolor on vintage dictionary paper

acrylic painting on dictionary paper, 

after a marc chagall painting

ink sketch with watercolor added from my 

daily journal

i wanted to create something larger.

this started with a drawing from a photo

reference.  acrylic and collage was added. 

i also wanted to share these are bean bags 

that i made almost 40 years ago for a friend's 

daughter who was 9 at the time.  we remain

 the closest of friends.  i was touched when 

she shared that she still has freddy and frederica.  

january is the time of spectacular sunsets in 

my neck of the woods.  

thank you for visiting.  if you have the time to visit,
i am linking my post with paint party friday,
a weekly community of artists hosted by
kristen and eva for over five years. 


  1. I really love your portraits on the different substrates. They are interesting and colorful.

  2. Wow, Irene, the faces are great! Each is unique and beautiful. I love the beanbags. I still have sewing I did in first grade. We were given a doll shaped pattern and told to make a rag doll (by hand since we were only 6 years old!). I will have to post a photo of her some day.

  3. Wonderful art Irene - you are such a talent and inspiration always! That's so kind that those bean bags are still appreciated! ♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  4. Your art pieces are gorgeous, they have a lovely energy. How sweet that the beanbags are still loved.

  5. Love your work, Irene! I was scrolling up and down to try to pick a favorite, but I can't!! And, that sunset..girrrrlll!! You making us all jealous with your summer weather. :)

  6. The art is beautiful and I was touched by the frogs story! That is so sweet!

  7. Love all your art, and the photos. Delicious!