Friday, October 31, 2014

acrylic, pencil, oil pastel, wip

one of my first painting teachers was jesse reno.  he 

starts paintings with colors you love, applying with his hands.

then looking for any images or visions within the paint

i have been revisiting this style of painting in preparation 

for an upcoming show in december.

the palos verdes art center currently has on display

photo by the palos verdes art center

the creations of mark newport.  he hand knitted these 

super hero costumes, extra large in size.  very dramatic.

also showing are these mixed media costumes by

photo by the palos verdes art center

kerelle levy.

photo by the palos verdes art center

and an interactive living room.  i wish i had time that day to

sit and reminisce all of the hours of holding knitting needles 

in my hands.  i will return for sure!

a note to visitors,  
blogger deleted this post which i had posted earlier.
my apologies if you commented earlier.

posting today along with hostesses eva and kristin 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

a wee packet of papers

stuffed to the brim

with unique papers, each a delight.

a perfect gift for a mixed media artist sent to me from

my friend jacki long, collage artist extraordinaire. 

 i can only imagine how long it took to compile these treasures.  

i take this packet to coffee shops when i collage 

in my journal.  each time i use a paper i think of her.

“It's not how much we give 
but how much love we put into giving.”

Monday, October 27, 2014

coffee shop journaling takes some chutzpah

(pronounced hoots-pah...yiddish for brazen).

unless you find the perfect shop.  this happens to be in manhattan beach

and is managed by a long time friend.  and you need to have the perfect

journaling friend,  in this case my friend lorraine.  

i visited a local show at the palos verdes art center, 

acquired objects

on display were textiles 

and  accoutrements which has been collected over the years and 

from many distant lands.

i loved the button collection set between 

plexiglass, like a ornamental garment. 

Sunday, October 26, 2014

pixie one

'to me art is all about observing what is before us,

seeing what isn't there, and feeling, hearing, tasting, touching

what we cannot see,. then

describing what we saw and felt with our marks,

be it with a pencil, brush, clay, movement,

however we can express it.

art is

a way to make the mundane wonderful, 

the unknown visible, and 

to shape a relationship between

the work and the viewer.'

~misty mawn

Friday, October 24, 2014

bird quality

one day a dove perched on the ledge

of my fountain.  he balanced

trying over and over to get

a sip of water, never realizing

the water line was too low to reach.

but he didn't seem to mind.

it's a bird quality: try again.

i'll remember that as i write:

perch on the ledge,

bend over, fall in.

published in onthebus

my friend lorraine said that the clearing and 

decluttering process i have been into these last

two weeks is like a cleansing.  it has also been an opportunity

to remember and revisit dusty former parts of myself.

i found this poem i wrote.  i could substitute paint for write.

so i have wandered into another medium utilizing the same process.  

i took an afternoon off to paint.

i was delighted with what came to me.

posting with paint party friday
and weekly hostesses kristin and eva

sending you best wishes for a lovely weekend.

X O X O 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

sidewalk message, redondo beach

sending hugs


Saturday, October 18, 2014

journaling regularly gives you a place

to record thoughts

experiment and juxtapose diverse images together

mark an event

write out thoughts that would normally float through

your mind and leave

sketch a scene.

i thumbed through a little journal on my shelf today

remembering who i was at that moment.  also noticing

how the format of my journals have changed immensely 

from the use of magazine images to original painted images

i miss the simple cut and paste and appreciate both ways of expression.

a few photos from the power of art opening of the 

redondo beach art group.  two of my blue monoprints 

are shown in the first photo.