Saturday, September 13, 2014

 you never know were   blog hopping will take you.

 i read this blog, tall tales from kansas

which led me to lisa hoffman.  the two friends got together and 

 drew pictures of each in their journals.  

well, lisa mentioned emily sebald.  emily is a swedish singer, artist 

and gallery owner in new york.  of course i then i got distracted with 

thoughts of  being a young swedish up and coming artist.  getting back to 

the blog hopping adventure,  one of her emily's images with  bring red 

in the background stood out cuz i rarely,

well, come to think of it...i have never done a red background.

so  when i met my friend lorraine at the french  market cafe in venice

to journal and also  get into the mood for my upcoming trip

to france.  we decided to do blind contour drawings of 

each other and then color them in.  

my pot of red acrylic was dried out so i used inktense color block crayons

and came as close as i could and just had fun!

linking with the gang  paint party friday
thanks to eva and kristin for the weekly gathering
and paintings #3 and 4 of 29 faces

Monday, September 8, 2014

29 faces number 2

acrylic, pencil, pan pastel, collage

i started late posting with 29 faces and will

post as many as i can.  it's a travel month 

for me.   also, i realize that i had one of the  

iphone  buttons on so the color in these

photos are not true.  i like it though.

the painting is more blue than green.

now off to boil more papers :)

thanks for visiting today.

Friday, September 5, 2014

acrylic, boiled in tea and eucalyptus, first face of the month for 29 faces

1 face

boiled and dyed papers, my latest obsession

1 stack

3 wire hearts

and a cluster of 4

thank you for stopping by and 
have a lovely weekend


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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

stack of eco dyed papers

Sometimes with
the bones of the black
sticks left when the fire
has gone out

yummy lying in the afternoon sun

someone has written
something new
in the ashes of your life.

such wonder

You are not leaving
you are arriving. 

~ David Whyte ~

House of Belonging

posting today with the folks at  woyww
i have written a short tutorial for eco paper dying here

Saturday, August 30, 2014

how to dye paper with natural plant material.

the supplies:

various papers, i used 140# cold and hot press watercolor paper 

soup pot with a lid

first, gather leaves, dried or fresh, flowers, also dried or fresh,

bark, branches, buds, blossoms, any plant sources in your backyard

or neighborhood.  

large bulldog clips from the stationary store

twine, or cord

1 or 2 tops from a tin can or other firm surface that will 

withstand boiling 


1~  boil water with a few tea bags.   

2~  fold the watercolor papers in half

and sandwich them into each other 

3~  add plant material between each page.  

i did this randomly, some pages 

were filled with various leaves and plants.

4~  use bulldog clips to hold the bundle


5~  wrap the bundle in both directions with twine.  i wrapped it

relatively tight but not so tight that the bundle would bow.

you can  place the can lids on the outside of the packing before beginning to 

wrap to keep the packet flat.  

6~ submerge the bundle into a pot and simmer covered

for about an hour.   you may need to add a weight on top 

to keep the paper below the surface of the water.

take the package out of the water with tongs, remove the twine. 

carefully take out the leaves from each page.

if the leaves are stick, wait until the paper dries a bit

so as not to damage the paper.

separate the papers and  set them out to dry 

or use a heat gun or blow dryer.

i am going to make a travel journal 

for an upcoming trip with these papers.  you can make cards,

a journal or use the paper for background,

the sky's the limit.  



Friday, August 29, 2014

on my easel this week

acrylic and ink

i am not sure where it is going 

but that is not an unusual state for me.

i will wait and come back to see whether

the next round of painting will uncover more.

wondering if you are more deliberate in your approach to a painting?

view from my little deck

wishing you a lovely long holiday weekend. 

we in southern california are experiencing a very warm

 and humid (for the west coast) week.  perfect for outdoor dining, candles

twinkling white lights well into the night.


i join eva and kristen at ppf with other artists 
who show their art.  won't you visit?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

i needed a portfolio for all of the paintings i have 

 done on paper.  for this i used a children's board map book.

it is nice and sturdy while also being large enough

to hold various sizes of papers.

i first sanded the slick finish with a 

block sander to make it easier 

to accept acrylic paint.   you can choose to gesso 

the pages as an alternative.

next, i used wide tape to put two boards together.

finally i punched a hole in the top center

of both boards and strung ribbon through to hold the

portfolio closed.   i now have a colorful place to 

store painted papers and other large pieces of paper.  

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