Friday, March 16, 2018

hello!  this week i attended a two day portrait charcoal 

this was the second time i used charcoal.  both times 

i really loved the medium but tried to talk myself out of it.

why?  because it is not the free, spontaneous type of 

creating i often do.  still, what i loved won out and   

i plan to explore a lot more with charcoal!  once again,

i realize that the heart and mind often conflict.  i am 

trying to go with my heart.

this is the final drawing and the following 

are the steps she went through.  

all participants were asked to bring their own 

reference image.  i used the same image for two  

drawings, one on 18 x 24 newsprint, one on 

the same size drawing paper.

 some people chose to try another image. 

there is a lot of push and pull with charcoal.  

charcoal drawing was definitely my creative 

highlight of this week!   what was yours?

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Friday, March 9, 2018

welcome to a peek into my creative week.

southern california continues to be in a drought 

situation.  mother nature promises rain and we do

get trickles but we can use much much more.   with 

daylight saving time this weekend and the first day of

spring on march 20, i believe the rain won't be in our picture.

what is in my picture, so to speak, follows in the photos below. 

i have been working on her for a long time.  i couldn't find 

an early photo.  there was something that continued to niggle at me.

i'm liking her more with contrasts and detailed flowers.

when to stop??? that is sometimes the question

a little spring drawing

and sample from my figurative drawing class.  i asked the instructor

to show me how to use inks.  i brought sum ink, bamboo

pens and natural brushes to do this. 

i visited the jasper johns exhibit at the broad

museum, downtown los angeles.  the exhibit was 

huge with over 100 pieces.  i took lots of photos

at the exhibit but they disappeared!  i was not familiar

with this icon and knew very little about him but for an 

article sent to me by my friend john arbuckle.  after seeing

his work, i can say that i appreciate that he was so prolific 

in his point of view.  he selected common symbols, the most

well know is that of the american flag. if i understand it correctly,

he used the symbols as a familiar base to create from, allowing the 

paints and materials he used to stand out.  johns did not give interviews

or discuss his work so interpretation is left to speculation.

i love this dramatic entrance into the museum.

a life sized bronze sculpture by johns.

i thought it was his paint brushes until i

read the sign.

two favorite pieces by the late outsider artist, basquiat. 

and here are welcome signs of spring from trader joes!

so, that was my week.  i'd love to hear about yours!
thank you so much for visiting today!

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Friday, March 2, 2018

a week in the life...

a daily starbuck sketche.  done quickly, in

stealth so no one feels uncomfortable.  my goal is to

capture the character with as few lines as possible.

a sketch while watching the godfather.  thus, the quote

'get rid of the bodies'

life drawing drop in. one day i hope to draw 

so the body does not look so stiff!

homework from life drawing class at 

otis college---one page of seven 

and lastly, are a few images from this quirky exhibit at 

the el segundo museum of art

los ├íngeles is experiencing rain!!  it is such a rare occurrence, 

that i want to sand outside, look up at the sky and thank

mother nature.

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wishing you a lovely weekend.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

february is the month of valentine day, right?

well, yes!  and it is also the month to celebrate

marie antoinette.  i am a part of three women team who

creates wonderful and unexpected treats for the paletteers

 a palos verdes art center art group.  we have taken it upon

ourselves to take this job to a whole new level!  this is our

last hurrah after participating for a year.  i thought i'd show you

a few pictures of our marie antoinette tea party.  of course, my

painted tea bags needed to be on display!

and a few other creations this week.

my first paper clay sculpture.  i think she's scary.

a collaged repurposed tea box to hold notes of happy moments during a day

portrait, watercolor, acrylic, collage

have a wonderful and creative week!  thanks so much for visiting today.
i try to post once a week on friday.  as you can see, today i made it on sunday.
i love your comments and sharing.

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Friday, February 9, 2018

hello!  this is a short post, as i have been

playing hookey this week.  actually, i worked

hard at a three day workshop hosted by lisa heaney,

with john arbuckle teaching a million and one  techniques!

i will show results on the next post.  doing all of that 

work requires lots of rest!  

a previous mixed media journal page

me and picasso

daily redondo walk view of which i never tire!

i hope you have fun plans for the weekend.   i wish i could

say i am going to rest up but,  no such luck this week!

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

hello and welcome1

today i am posting my daily face and figurative 

drawings in various mediums and substrate

ink and watercolor on vintage dictionary paper

acrylic painting on dictionary paper, 

after a marc chagall painting

ink sketch with watercolor added from my 

daily journal

i wanted to create something larger.

this started with a drawing from a photo

reference.  acrylic and collage was added. 

i also wanted to share these are bean bags 

that i made almost 40 years ago for a friend's 

daughter who was 9 at the time.  we remain

 the closest of friends.  i was touched when 

she shared that she still has freddy and frederica.  

january is the time of spectacular sunsets in 

my neck of the woods.  

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Friday, January 19, 2018

happy new year friends!

how are you?  I didn't mean to take a 

long break but that's exactly what happened.  

a sinus infection got me for a good month and then

the holidays came.  my son visited for a nice long

time, always a delight to me.  I stop everything while

he's here. 

I'm glad to be back at my dear blog! i've missed

you all and hope all is well!

this year I am working on my drawing skills.

with some pen drawings.  these drawings

are in a little journal I carry with me

along with a mechanical pencil and am

.02 micron pen.

also experimenting with a mechanical pencil, 

black wing pencil, and eraser drawings.

the simplicity of products used is enticing.

 and then missing color, watercolor using a 

soppy brush is added over the pen drawings.

characters do show up!!

lastly, a pelican spotted on my daily walk.

thank you for visiting today!

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