Friday, July 20, 2018

miya, mixed media 

practice sketches 

are somehow 


when I let go of a preconceived image and 

just draw what I see

a sampling from the david hockney portraits now 

on exhibit at the los angeles museum of art.

david hockney invited friends and acquaintances to sit for a portrakit

for three days.  he rarely goes out now because his 

hearing makes it cumbersome.  this was a good way for him to be with

people.  he said he got to know them and they

REALLY got to know him. 

the bright orange background, 

same chair  

and background colors 

made for a stunning show.

I always appreciate your visit and comments.  

thank you.

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Saturday, July 14, 2018

a fun drawing exercise

grab a familiar object and 

different size and tips markers,

draw what you see with your 

dominant, then non dominant hand,

don't look and feel the object you have just been

drawing, try some contours.

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thank you for visiting today!  I hope you 

are spending time with people you love this weekend!


Friday, June 15, 2018

hello, this week...

I continued doing daily drawings in a pocket sized

sketchbook.  this selection was done trying to capture

character while watching a jack reacher movie

had fun collaging  together two previous drawings done in a 

lynn whipple online workshop,  

painted with liquid pencil by derwent.  this was a gift that 

and was quite fun.  from what I understand,  it is a type of 

graphite in  a water soluble binder.  I used a brush and 

moved around the pigment.  It is kind of sticky.  the more

water added, the looser the brush strokes, 

decided to draw in an expressive style rather than 

the classic figurative drawing in a life drawing drop in,

drew and painted on papers  purchased from cyanotype

artist, krista mc curdy.

and I tried a few botanical cyano prints of my

own using wild flowers I picked on the road.

when I recap, it seems like I did a lot this week!  

and this doesn't include cooking for two days for 

a dinner party.  gosh, I'm tired after looking back.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

i love to start pieces of art.  often, though,

i do not complete them.  either i move on to the 

next  technique or medium or i am uncertain of

how to take it to the next step.  i am having fun 

revisiting some of these pieces with fresh eyes.

this was a monoprint.  originally it was only a red

image with little details.  i added acrylic paint and 

colored pencil.  

you always need a friend, acrylic

i am thrilled that my piece was selected in an 

annual international show, ca 101.   

i took pictures of my favorite pieces to share here

but am not showing them because the issue of

copyright came up while i was at the show.  i did not

ask permission of the artists so i would prefer to  possibly

infringe on their rights.  

the exception is this piece of photography in the show.  

as i approached it, i realized that my art that was in the 

show last year is prominently  displayed in these nine photographs.  

i was shocked! i was never contacted by the photographer.  

although the legality of copyrights is open to interpretation, common courtesy 

in asking permission or contacting the artist that you will be 

using their art seems to me to be important.   i didn't ask 

permission to post this piece in my blog today  because 

my art is in the piece.   

i would love to hear your opinion on this issue.

on another more celebratory note,  i am counting down to 

my son's wedding in september.   my friends gave the bride to be a west coast 

shower.  it was a day to remember.  friends and family 

stayed for five hours!  there is  much love and 

excitement in the air in the rafael household!

X O X O 


Friday, May 25, 2018

welcome to my blog!

I post art that reflects my current interests.  I started this  blog with the intent

 to record my art process.   at the time,  I made journals and filled them with 

collage and writing .  then I wanted to learn to paint my own images

instead of one from magazines.  I learned acrylic painting  all along,

I incorporated bits and pieces of paper.  for a while now, I have been 

fascinated  faces.  I have drawn,  painted, collaged distorted faces in 

countless ways experimenting on various mediums.    I don't see this ending!  

recently I have added some figurative work and am excited to see

where this will lead.  I know all of you have moved

through different stages, growing, learning and incorporating new techniques

and mediums.  I love to see  other peoples processes and am grateful for 

the online community and social media for this reason.

I view art inspiration and post daily on instagram.   there I have

found it a friendly and welcoming community.  i also post any

art related thoughts and outings that I may have come across here on this blog.

i hope you enjoy!

my local art center, in palos verdes, california is 

having a charming elementary school children's exhibit 

sponsored by art at your fingertips.

i participated in this program when my son was in school.

artists submit a project based on a concept or artist

and volunteer parents from each school learn the project

and then teach it to students at school

this augments the art or lack of art education

in the schools.

it also gives parents a chance to have hands on experience

in the classroom as well as providing art concepts 

to young children.

my experience was that children

were eager to learn

artists were eager to share and create a project.

on the day i visited the gallery

a classroom was also there.

I had a chance to overhear the teachers ask wonderful questions 

which reviewed the art concept and also made it personal

for the students.  i was very impressed and smiled as

I snuck a listen and took pictures of the art.

on my morning beach walk
only in southern california!

it is a three day holiday weekend here in the united

states.   I hope you have fun plans with loved ones whether

you live here or not!  I am lucky enough to have my son

and his fiancé here so it's an extra special time for me!

thank you for visiting today!

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Friday, May 18, 2018

aloha!  having recently returned from the 

lovely hawaiian islands, it has been a slow start 

back into doing some art but I'm back in the full swing

with some drawings and travel photos today.

he would be much happier if he turned 

to see the color in the world.  instead he

only looked down.

marbled drawing 

a friend gave me a vintage simplicity pattern.

it brought back memories of my tailoring teacher, 

her red cheeks, powdered face, tabu perfume and 

pearls.  a tad overdone for a high school teacher but 

she taught me how to meticulously make tiny stitches

which no one ever saw but molded  jackets to fit perfectly.

i went on to win tailoring contests.

one of the main reasons to go to honolulu was to visit the 

disney resort.  our friend was asked to paint the mural depicting

the history of hawaii.

it graces the entry.  our son was the model

for one of the warriors.

the pictures i have seen of the mural does not measure to

seeing it in person.

we stayed at the iconic

pink royal hawaiian hotel on waikiki beach.

so much of waikiki has been built up so

that you cannot see the beach from the street.

it has years since i have visited this island.

the royal hawaiian was a treat and a retreat 

back into a bit of old hawaii.

on my morning walk were japanese tourists doing 

yoga on the beach, their designer bags lined up

in back of them. 

we stayed in poipu for the remainder of the trip.

in a sweet house owned by a family since the 

early 1900s.  the view was unbeatable and the 

weather perfect. 

there are leaves that look like a world map

and feel like leather.

i miss the waves lapping on the shore, the soft breezes,

the slow pace... a sign of a good trip.

thank you for visiting today.
wishing you lovely weekend!

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