Thursday, November 17, 2016

the answer is yes!

i am still painting teabags and

finding them a source of 

inspiration and just plain fun.

here this week's collage 

selection in my little journal.

when i say little, i mean

it fits in my palm.  i added a

few lines with a micron pen.

i experimented with a different

brush stroke in my painting workshop.

it took focus to try a new technique for a whole painting.

this is acrylic over collage.  i plan to do a series

using this brush stroke to get more familiar with its nature.

i am not sure that i can explain it but i will try.  several colors of

acrylic paint is put on a palette.  swipe one side of a brush and

then the other.  apply the paint to the canvas in the same swipe technique

using both sides of the brush.   

when i walked outside to the large patio of the art center   

for a break from my workshop i happened upon 

the end of a  marvelous demo.  the artist, Peter Adams

was commissioned to paint the  stations of the cross for the 

University of Southern California.

here is are some example of

the studies he did for the commission.

i thought them to be exceptional.

also this weeki attend the stamp convention 

held three times a year in carson.

kat skamoto is the organizer. 

she was so thrilled that she found new 

kuretake markers with brilliant colors

and that layer easily.  she had pages 

of beautiful drawings in her journal.

among the vendors i saw the 

creative drawings by tracy moore.

and colorful collages by 

teesha moore.

there was a time when i would always be seen

carrying  a camera on my shoulder or on my wrist. 

i took soccer and football photos for the team members when my son

was in high s cool.  but i have gotten lazy.  my iPhone has replaced

the camera.  sometimes i am surprise

by what i capture.  this week it was the supermoon

with an enormous whale mural in the foreground

at the redondo beach marina.

and of course, my daily sunset snap.

have a lovely weekend wherever you are.

hugs to all.

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Friday, November 11, 2016

welcome and thank you 

for visiting today.  i will start with

a teabag painting.   so far i have 

painted and drawn almost 250 of

these little canvases.  i have enjoyed 

each one as well as the community of

artists on instagram who have 

responded warmly to them.

i am continuing with the little

collage faces still using the 

one magazine.  i did cheat a little on

this one.  i just couldn't help using 

a bit of the japanese paper.

i enjoyed looking through an old

journal in the style that i no longer use;

acrylic background with collage on top

and writing a journal entry.  i liked it 

so much when i looked at it that i am going

to make another one and do this same 

process that worked so well for me for 

many years.  

one of my art groups invited artist

vadim zanginian to do a demonstration,

i was fascinated by his process.

this is an example of his work.

i had to leave a little early so did not see the 

completed work but i liked what i saw 

already.  he got this far in less than a half hour!

i took this picture at sunset this week. 

i was surprised at the stunning vista when i 

saw it in my phone.

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Friday, November 4, 2016

i painted a series of faces using backgrounds that

i painted with a solid acrylic color

this week i attended a friends collage class.

the theme was landscapes.

this is the view i see on my daily walks.

i have painted it, drawn it, sketched it 

but have not been satisfied with the outcome

i did like the results of the collage.

another view along the same walk.

and the collage.  

a friend sent this to me on her trip along the 

 california coast to big sur.  i have been along this 

spectacular drive many times so could almost feel

the curves in the road, the roaring ocean, the craggy 


the collage.

another big sur photo.

i almost felt like i was along for the ride!

i visited the uncommon threads exhibit at 

the fowler gallery at ucla.  here are a few 

pieces for your enjoyment.  

thank you for your visit! 

i enjoy your comments and feedback on my weekly posts.

today i am linking to paint party friday where an inspiring 

group of fellow artists post their weekly work.

rare view of catalina island this week

do you have any weekend plans?

i plan to attend several at events and will share next week.