Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mr. Roosterstein

Pulp, water, magic
Transformed.  I present to you
Mr. Roosterstein

It started out innocently enough 
with making paper from pulp, dried flowers, 
glitter, hemp ribbon, cheese cloth added. 

To use the paper in a paper in a project I decided to venture into a 3-demensional rooster
because I have a 'thing' for roosters.  But where to start?  I could paint a a rooster.  I could collage a rooster but 3-D??  I decided to cut a basic rooster shape from masonite, glue recycled
styrofoam to it then carve a rooster with a rasp.  Just a warning~~ styrofoam crumbles into tiny
balls and makes a big mess.  A fun mess but a mess all the same.  

But he was white and the edges looked like masonite between styrofoam and I wasn't sure if the paper I made would cover.  I covered the perimeter of Mr. Rooster with fuchia tissue paper.  He started to look like something. 

Here he is in my car seat, going for a field trip.  

Over the next month slowly Mr. Roosterstein came 'alive.  On walks dried branches would pop into my eyesight.  I'd think, that would be perfect for the tail or top know or wings.  I bolted him to a recycled book titled "Cradle of Civilization."  My friend Dave  got involved and said he needed a beak so he carved one out of wood. My husband said roosters are not white and I should paint him.  At that
point I was done with Mr. Rooster but he did have a point so I sprayed
him with Color Wash and Radiant Rain sprays.

Ta Da.  
He stands to greet you as you enter the show given by my group, 
The Experimental Art Of the South Bay.  
The studio owner said that he brings a smile to everyone's faces so he put him so
that he is the first thing you see when you walk in.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


My computer was doing a funny thing this week~~ it deleted some of my photos.
The good news is that I was able to find most of them, 
that is, Sohail the magical technician did.  
Because of this I looked through my photo library
trying to see if I could tell what was missing,
many of which I hadn't looked at for some time.
I came across this one taken last year from
our cave hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.
I never saw the rabbit with a coned hat
in the center of the picture.  
Can you see him?
A visitor from Alice in Wonderland? 
I thought it a good pick to share today,
where I join Rebecca and others in their paradise. 
Won't you join us?

Enjoy your Sunday.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice

Misty Mawn suggests

practicing sketches.

100 sketches!

I am at around 15

Here are a few of them.

A long way to go!

bluffs at palos verdes

and here is my haiku of the day
written in conjunction with 
rebecca's haiku my heart
where every friday a community of 
haiku enthusiasts share their poems.
i am glad to have my computer 
fixed in time to participate.
come join us!

moody sunset suits

a heart longing to connect

return my call soon?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Layered Pages

"think of your art journals as a companion,

a muse, your soul mate."

Lynne Perrella, Artfest 2012

I am having fun layering journal pages

with fold out flaps

where secret words can be tucked away.

Layered pages,

layered life.

Nothing is quite as it appears at

first glance.

I need to dress up my blog a little with a 

header~ I think that's what it's called

but my brain gets so twisted when I read

directions.  Might be a while.

Until then, I'll pretend that there 

is a portion of one of my 

colorful paintings.